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Three Star Review: Danny's Grace by Dawn Hawkins


Kindle Unlimited Copy

Publisher: Rocking Horse Publishing

Released: January 27, 2014

Genre: Literary Fiction

Length: 255 Pages

Kindle | Amazon Paperback


Danny Rush is a master manipulator with an ego the size of Texas. He lives a secluded life in a cozy beach house, with nothing but his thoughts to keep him company. His whole life, he has avoided facing the issues that threaten to destroy the remainder of his sanity . . . Danny will lead Grace, and his subconscious, through a maze of lifelong injustices, horrifying revelations, bad decision-making, twisted ethics, and his unconventional means of survival: his childhood, his sudden rise to fame, his disgraceful and tumultuous fall to the depths. His narrative is like no other, evoking both sympathy and outrage, often simultaneously. But remember, Danny is an expert at misdirection . .

Review by Lissa

I was about 5% in and I thought man this guy is a complete Douche Canoe. As the story unfolded I realized, why he was this way. One, how he grew up. His father was awful. Thankfully, his mother does escape. But there's always that scar.

You meet Grace who's coming to interview Danny. This is where you get his story. Learn about his past. He does have an interesting one. More like a nightmare. But he treats women like poop. Maybe it's just tough exterior because of what he had to deal with.

He thinks of himself as this evil person. I think it's more of the life he was dealt. The stuff that happened in this book was pretty crazy. It just seemed at some points, just really out there. The ending I found was weird.

The writing was good. I really gave it a 2.5. I understood the concept. It just didn't do it for me. I was not emotionally connected to any of the characters. I dont want to give a whole bunch away of this story. This book has had some good reviews, so maybe others will like it.

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