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Four Star Review: Captured: Warriors of Hir, Book One by Willow Danes


Kindle Unlimited Copy

Publisher: Here be Dragons

Released: August 5, 2014

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance

Length: 220 Pages

Kindle | Amazon Paperback


Jenna McNally is tending to the heartrending task of clearing out her grandfather’s cabin when she’s knocked off her feet by the impact of a nearby plane crash. She races into the snowy North Carolina woods to help and discovers that this is no plane that’s crashed. Ra’kur’s people have been brought to the brink of extinction by war. After years spent searching for a compatible mate to bond with, an enemy attack lands him on a backward, primitive planet and right to the very female he has been seeking. And a Hir warrior’s first task in claiming a mate is to capture her . . .

Review by Sara

I really enjoyed this book. We meet Jenna who is packing up her grandfather's cabin when a load explosion rocks the place. She does the smart thing and calls the Sheriff to report a plane crash. Well, she didn't see the crash and can't see smoke so they think she is out in the woods hearing things. Jenna goes exploring in the woods looking for the plane crash. What she finds instead is a huge 7' muscle bound alien that roars at her like a lion scaring her to death! Ra'kur of course thinks he is going through a standard mating ritual instead of chasing down a woman running a screaming for her life. Captured was so funny in the way these two struggled to communicate. Her talking him growling. I almost wish they would have spent more time like that. There attraction was instantaneous the sex scenes were pretty hot. I like they way we got both hers and his POV. Some people don't like that but I do. I like to know what is going on with both leads in a story. This was a very enjoyable Alien romance and I will be reading the next one Taken ASAP.

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