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Three Star Review: Game Changer by Chris Bostic


Kindle Unlimited Copy

Publisher: Rocking Horse Publishing

Released: February 15, 2015

Genre: Young Adult, Action Adventure

Length: 196 Pages



Teenagers. Canoes. A float trip. What could go wrong? Tom and J.C. are experienced in the woods and on the river; the brothers, too, but Will and Nate are a couple of clowns and not so dependable. Haley, the head cheerleader, is loaded down with her makeup and accessories. Katie just looks at them all and shakes her head. So what could go wrong?

It all starts with a summer storm and a raging river. Missing canoes. Wild animals. A venomous snake. And it pretty much doesn’t get any better . .

Review By Sara

In the Game Changer all the boys have experience in the woods. Yet, I kept thinking as I read, what parents in their right minds let's their kids go on a 3 day canoeing trip without supervision?! Especially when there are two girls going!!! OMG!!!

As things go from bad to worse and this is turning into pretty much the worst camping trip ever! I keep thinking their parents should be reported! OMG who's parents now at days would allow this!

The reason this book got a 3 was we got to a point that I felt things just got too unbelievable and a bit silly. I understand it's fiction but up until Tom and Katie go in search of the mysterious light in the dark things were believable. Then we just kinda got silly in my opinion.

I don't want to give anything away because the book was very good and would be great for the YA crowd. As an adult I'm shaking my head calling BS on some of the things that happened.

Overall, Game Changer was exciting, fast paced, suspenseful and we were even given a bit of a love story that was pretty sweet.

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