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Four Star Review: Sex, Love and Aliens Volume 2 by Imogene Nix, Ashlynn Monroe, Jaye Shields, and B



Publisher: Beachwalk Press, Inc

Released: June 15, 2015

Genre: Science Fiction, Futuristic Romance

Length: 185 Pages

Format: eBook

Kindle | iBooks



by Imogene Nix

Power, deceit, and passion. Old enemies, new love, and the future of the entire universe hanging in the balance.

Dria is more than the Ba'Tuan Princess, she's also a highly trained warrior who's been sent to Earth to covertly uncover a plot to destroy the accord between the two species.

Military commander Marcus Vane is scarred and weary. His experience with women has left him afraid of commitment…that is until Dria turns up. Not only is she everything a warrior should be—strong, focused, and honorable—she's also an incredibly beautiful woman.

They must work together to find the Incubi and stop their plans, but one split-second decision changes everything, and now the danger is even more extreme.

Content Warning: contains sizzling sex scenes with a gorgeous human male warrior and a beautiful female Ba'Tuan warrior


by Ashlynn Monroe

Briz will face death to save a race of strangers, but will her pirate's love be enough to save her?

Briz Julius isn't afraid to break the law to save the lives of strangers. Briz insists she can get an important shipment of medicine between worlds without incident. Her family reluctantly agrees to allow her to make the trip in their oldest, smallest vessel. The decrepit ship doesn't look like much, but that's exactly what she needs to get to her designation without attracting attention.

Matek's family was massacred by the captain of the pirate ship, the Heartless. Becoming one of the crew was easy, but remaining silent while the ruthless villain takes an innocent girl captive isn't. Matek has spent years plotting his revenge. Is he willing to throw away his only chance to avenge everyone he loved in order to save the bold and beautiful stranger?

Content Warning: contains sensual love scenes


by Jaye Shields

When love sparks between enemies, can it survive?

Angela Raden's last mission to planet US-2 nearly got her killed. The savage beating she'd been subjected to made her wish she had died. And now the military wants to send her back. But Angela will be doing things differently this time around. She'll die before she allows the enemy to touch her again.

Damon is a human clone raised for the purpose of killing, but he's seen enough death to last him a lifetime. With revolution taking over his planet, he remains in solitude, seeking peace amidst chaos. When he meets a tiny slip of a human determined to take on an entire clone army, he can't help but follow her. Since he'd been in hiding the woman believes he's human, and upon seeing her hatred of his cloned peers, he keeps the secret in order to remain in her company. But when he follows her into danger, will the truth be revealed?

Content Warning: contains strong language, violence, and some very hot sex


by Beth D. Carter

A woman who has nothing to lose, and a man with everything to gain.

They had known each other a lifetime ago, but love while serving as slaves to the TEV, the aliens who rule Earth, wasn't something that could ever last. When Freya's family escaped, leaving the only home she'd ever known, she left Kory behind, but she can't forget him.

When she meets him again, Kory isn't the human boy she remembered. He has survived a horrific scientific experiment that has changed him into a hybrid—half human, half TEV. Can she trust this man who has now, essentially, become a member of the enemy?

Content Warning: contains sexual content and some violence

Review by Sara

I was provided Sex, Love & Aliens Volume 2 in exchange for an honest review. Covert Webs by Imogene Nix In this story we have Dria the princess of Ba'Tuan who is sent on a covert mission to flush out the people trying to destroy the alliance between earth and Ba'Tuan. She is trained as a warrior so she is the perfect person to go on this mission. She is playing bait and she is decoy. Marcus Vane is the commander sent to guard her and help her find the perpetrators. He is guarded because of his past and fighting his attraction to Dria. It made for some interesting sexual tension. I did not read Volume one and I'm wishing I had because I found myself a bit confused with what was going on. The plot started in the first book. I still got the general idea but I don't like it when I don't have all the details. I'm also a fanatic for reading series in order so this had me twitching a bit knowing I missed the first Novella. Overall Covert Webs was an enjoyable read. The Space Captain's Daughter by Ashlynn Monroe I really liked this story. I found it to be incredibly touching and even in the short amount of time we had I got to know both Briz and Matek. Briz is an extremely courageous young lady who takes on a smuggling mission. Not for profit! To take much needed medication to some refugees that are being targeted for genocide. I liked her from the start! Matek is on a mission of revenge! The captain of the pirates he has joined with is responsible for the slaughter of his people. Matek is biding his time plotting the perfect revenge. All that is thrown to the wayside when the pirates go after Briz's cargo. Matek was raised to protect women. What will he do? What about his revenge? What about those people dying? This was a great short read and I really liked the ending. Her Clone by Jayne Shields Angela has been sent back to US-2 in search of survivors from the clone uprising. She was attacked the last time she was on US-2 and she has a deep hatred for clones. Damon has gone AWOL and is done with all the violence. Despite him being a clone he has a mild temperament. Things change when Angela stumbles into his cave and into danger. Angela and her two companions are there to rescue human refugees. Damon just doesn't correct them when they assume he is human. It's fiction and I try to get past certain things. But Damon is 7 feet tall and huge just like all other clones. They are in a scorching desert and Angela is constantly putting on Sunblock yet Damon refuses that and water.....Um you don't for a second suspect he is a clone? Really! The love scenes were pretty hot except for one aspect. We are in the desert sweating like pigs oh yeah oral sex! Gag! I get it's fiction I do, but I like a bit of realism in it. No women in right mind is gonna allow a man to chow down when she has been out camping for weeks and sweating bucket daily! Um No! Overall this story was just ok I did like the concept. Bond by Beth D. Carter This was my favorite story out of the bunch. Freya and Kory are teenage sweethearts in an Alien post apocalyptic world. The day the first kissed and promise always to be together is the last time they will see each other for a long time. Freya has been on her own for years forced to live in a desolate world constantly on the run from the TEV. She is at her breaking point and ready to go out with a bang when fate intervenes and Kory comes back into her like. Kory has gone through a TEV experiment and has been changed to a human TEV hybrid. He is on a mission to bring down the TEV when a human interferes with his plans. To his surprise it's his long lost love Freya. Now it's just a matter of convincing her it's really him and claiming her for his own. This was a heartwarming story about true love and the human fighting spirit. I loved it! It also gave an accurate account of the first time. Which was pretty funny.

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