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Five Star Review: The Little Sentinel Of The Sierra Nevada by Paul Williams


Kindle Unlimited Copy

Publisher: Self-Published

Released: February 5, 2015

Genre: Western, Contemporary Fiction

Length: 356 Pages



It is 1846 and Sarah Harlan is just thirteen when she sets out with her family on the great trek West to California. Confident and assured beyond her years, schooled and shaped by the Father she adores, Sarah believes life has little more to teach her. But this is a journey like no other. In crossing a Continent they must face all Nature can unleash upon them; tempests and floods; raging rivers and scorching deserts; disease and starvation. To face these challenges and overcome them, Sarah must also take her own journey of discovery. Encouraged by her cousin Nathan, she must look within and find the truth of who she wishes to be, of who she must be.

Before her long journey is through her strength and resolve will be tested beyond endurance as, above and beyond the torments of the road before them, their small group must face the cruelty and corruption of their fellow travellers. A disagreement between two groups that will fester and grow; a poison that will cast a shadow across their path, until one last bloody confrontation high in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Review by Stormi

I have read many historical books and many stories about a traveling family and their journey to new land. This book, while similar, was different. This book was so descriptive that I felt like I could see the characters, see the land, and feel their emotions.

Very early on a terrible tragedy strikes the family and I was literally in tears over this. This is what a good book is made of. Not many books give you such good writing and descriptiveness. I read and could almost imagine that I was a member of their traveling group.

There is so much history and raw emotion that this book can not earn anything other than 5 stars. This was a very emotional and well written book and I would be honored to read more from such a talented author.

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