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Four Star Review: Vados: A Scifi Alien Romance (The Ujal) by Erin Tate


Kindle Unlimited Copy

Publisher: Self-Published

Released: February 25, 2015

Genre: Science Fiction, Romance

Length: 41 Pages



A human woman, a tail-sporting alien, and a deadly hurricane… of course they’re going to hook up! Or rather, they did hook up. But that was then. This is now. As a marine biologist, Maris Xayer is used to observing all types of marine life, but she never imagined she’d come face to tail with an Ujal. In the middle of a hurricane, Maris and Vados came together—ahem—and then he disappeared. She figured it was a one-storm stand with an Ujal and moved on. Except Vados hadn’t really gone anywhere and now the sexy as sin, red-skinned Ujal is back. For her.

Review by Sara

Vados is the first novella in The Ujal world followed by Tave. All are available on Kindle Unlimited.

Vados like Tave kept my either laughing or at least smiling throughout the entire short story. Vados has the same traits as all the Ujal and is a fierce, protective, and honorable warrior.

The thing with him making 5 pots of coffee try to wake up Maris was just too funny! Maris was extremely feisty yet very likeable. The love scene between the two of them is very steamy and they had wonderful chemistry.

I think my favorite character in this book has to be Dr. Faim. The way he didn't let the warrior Vados push him around and teased him was priceless. I hope we see more of his quick wit in future books!

This was a very funny, sexy, and very steamy quick read. I hope we see more of the Ujal world in the future.

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