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Five Star Review: Beverly Hills Demon Slayer (Biker Witches Mystery #6) by Angie Fox


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Publisher: Self-Published

Released: June 10th 201

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy

Length: 308 pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

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All that glitters is not gold... Demon slayer Lizzie Brown isn't exactly a diamonds and champagne type of girl. But when an ancient cult becomes the "in" thing in Beverly Hills, she realizes there's more to it than youth potions, parties, and priceless Egyptian artifacts. There's a demon involved...and Lizzie's not on the guest list. She goes in undercover, along with her sexy Greek shape-shifter husband, her biker witch buddies, and a dog that is way too fond of free appetizers and the red carpet lifestyle. Between dodging detection and uncovering ancient secrets, Lizzie has her hands full. And when the demon manages to hook his claws into Lizzie's eternal soul, she's afraid she may be stepping out for her final event

Review by Sara

If you haven't read Angie Fox's Biker Witches Mysteries I highly recommend them. The First book in the series is The Accidental Demon Slayer which is currently free on kindle right now!

This is such a fun refreshing series. I mean come on, we have Biker Grandmas on Harleys that help a demon slayer kick ass! It is so funny and I love the originality! In Beverly Hills Demon Slayer Lizzie is tracking a demon that has set up shop in a cult like church. It is up to Lizzie along with the gang of Biker Witches and her yummy husband to track it down. This time around Lizzie gets more than she can handle. The demon gets a hold of her soul! What makes these novels so great is the humor. I'm constantly laughing. I think Pirate is my absolute favorite! I wish my dogs could talk to me. I imagine it would be much the same. I think Beverly Hills Demon Slayer is by far my favorite so far. Lizzie goes through so much. She grows, learns and sacrifices. I found myself going through the range of emotions while reading this book. I love that! It so hard because I just want to gush about this book. I just don't want to give anything away. Trust me read the series! If you like PNR and UF Angie Fox's Biker Witches Mysteries are fast paced, funny, sexy, action packed and should not be missed!

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