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Five Star Review: Moonshine by Lillianna Saenz


Author Provided Copy

Publisher: iUniverse

Released: July 8, 2013

Genre: Romance

Length: 376 Pages



Tossed in a game of treasure, murder and the game between two men to reach the treasure first. Mica, who had dreamed of traveling and meeting new people, found that her dream was far from what she thought it would be. First kidnapped and then falling in to the hunt for the treasure. Her sister not far behind and her father is the designer of the game.

Review by Sara

I was provided a copy of Moonshine by Lillianna Saenz in exchange for an honest review. When Moonshine was first submitted to me I wasn't that excited about it because it was just submitted as a Western. I read the Blurb and was just like ehhh. I Loved this book! This is more than just a Western! This is an Epic adventure, throw in some gypsy magic, a romance, a love triangle, murder, and a mystery. Set it in the wild west, I was hooked from the beginning!

This is just such a fun, emotional, wild ride! I highly recommend this book to all my romance readers and those just seeking a fun adventure with a lot of heart. It can be a bit corny but that only adds to the overall charm.

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