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Four Star Review: Ghosts of Glory by Morgan Chalfant


Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Lachesis Publishing Inc

Released: April 23, 2015

Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Length: 163 Pages

Format: eBook



Jersey “The Brawler” Romero is dying. Slowly. Tediously. Not the way he thought he would go out on the savage streets of Glory, the Twilight City. But all of that is about to change when Jersey is granted his youth again by a messenger of the Twilight Goddess, the Spirit of Glory. He’s also given a mission: save Glory from the dark forces that are bent on destroying her. Jersey’s been a fighter his whole life, whether it was on the streets where he struggled to survive, or in prison where he fought to stay alive. Glory never gave him anything without a battle, and that’s what he’s always loved about his beloved city. But nothing has prepared him for the war that’s coming. Monster-like creatures masked as humans are bent on exterminating him. Their leader is a mysterious man named Templar. He’s been amassing an underground army called The Black Crux. Templar wants to make Glory his, by laying waste to everyone who stands in his way. Possessing an almost otherworldly vision, Templar knows everything about Jersey, including an explosive secret that will blast away everything Jersey has ever believed. But Jersey isn’t called “The Brawler” for nothing. He’s determined to fight Templar with everything he’s got. Because he’s not just fighting for his life, he’s fighting for Glory’s very soul.

Review by Sara

I was provided a copy of Ghosts of Glory in exchange for an honest review. This was an incredible start to a new Urban Fantasy series. We meet Jersey "The Brawler" Romero and he is dying of old age like all people do. He has lived an extremely rough life in the city of Glory. Glory is looked over/protected by the mystical goddess Glory. "Yes, it's a grim fact that the streets of Glory have killed more people than cancer. Sacrifices to the Goddess of Glory-the Twilight Goddesses. She's truly a harsh mistress who favors the strong." It sounds complicated and when I first read the blurb I was like pass. Then I read the few reviews the book had. I'm really glad I read Ghost of Glory. Jersey is called on by his city, his goddess Glory to protect her from a great evil, the Black Crux. Oh man are the evil! While Jersey isn't a saint he has lived in the bowels, the blood and shit of Glory for so long. He is her perfect champion to fight such a great evil. "Not all knights are meant to shine. Glory prefers her champions dark, bloody and scared." This book reminded me a bit and I say this very loosely, Sin City. Just with the seedy atmosphere and dark themes. Glory is described as as such a dark hopeless place, it makes me wonder why fight for her/it? Or is that just Jersey's perspective? I was going to give this book a five until we got to the Grace. I get! I do, but it was really disturbing! I had a hard time with the entire way it ended. Really gave me the willies. I also kept thinking "NO! what about Abigail! That can't be right! I refuse to believe that about her!" I absolutely don't want to give anything away, however I can tell you I have a new Urban Fantasy series on my Auto buy list!!! Totally awesome and you should add it to your TBR ASAP!

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