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Five Star Review: Twice as Fatal: A Jarvis Mann Detective Novel by R. Weir



Publisher: Self-Published

Released: May 29, 2015

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense

Length: 254 Pages

Format: eBook

*Available on Kindle Unlimited



Twice the business, twice the danger and Twice as Fatal. PI Jarvis Mann has two cases he is working, making his professional and personal life twice as difficult. Ray Malone is a promising college football star whose career is derailed by injuries When he disappears, close friend Jarvis is recruited by Ray’s father to locate him. After tracking him down a video is sent of Ray with the warning of it going public, threatening his career and those that love him. Case two has landlord Kate Tanner hiring Jarvis to gather evidence against her cheating, thieving husband so she can divorce him. As Jarvis investigates he learns of the husband’s connection to a powerful man, with a dangerously perverted agenda that crosses into Kate’s life with deadly consequences. Across the Rocky Mountain Front Range Jarvis tries to balance both cases, each dragging him deeper into different sleazy underworlds, jeopardizing him, his clients and their families. With danger and death all around him, he somehow must rescue everyone before this fatal business claims the lives of all involved, his life and the one he is growing to love.

Review by Stormi

I have read other books by R. Weir and once again I was not disappointed. He is a great writer and each book I read is even better. So first off I want to say thank you again to him for giving me the opportunity to read and review his newest book. So this book brings back Jarvis Mann the detective. In this book he is helping his landlord Kate find out some information on her husband. Along with that case, this book also picks up the story of his friend Bill, who often helps him with his cases, and his missing son Ray. You are first introduced to Bill and Ray in Tracking a Shadow, another of R. Weir's books. Throughout this book these two cases seem to collide bringing with it action, betrayal, and a sense of loyalty. I absolutely love the Jarvis character. He just has a great, dont mess with me attitude that is easy to relate too. I also am really rooting for him and Melissa. :) To me, this book was the best one yet and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I really enjoy reading books by R. Weir. His writing is good and the stories are easy to love and get swept into. I look forward to reading more from him in the future.

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