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Five Star Review: Elspeth, The Living Dead Girl by Stuart R. West


Author Provided Copy

Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

Released: June 25, 2014

Genre: Young Adult, Dark Fantasy

Length: 388 pages




If you’re dead already, can you die again? Elspeth’s been summoned from limbo. Her new assignment? Track down the culprit in the mysterious death of a student at Clearwell High. And incidentally, uncover the identity of the new drug dealer prowling the halls.

Only one problem—the body she has to co-inhabit has a different agenda. Elizabeth just wants to be prom queen, marry Prince Charming, and graduate with perfect posture. Both girls, alive and dead, will have their separate worlds rocked before the killer is unveiled. Nothing is as it seems. No one can be trusted. Being dead has never been so dangerous.

Review by Lissa

Elspeth is one of my favorite characters from the Tex series. I was so excited when Stuart just handed it to me to read, of course for an honest review.

Getting to know more about Elspeth/Elizabeth is beyond awesome. Elspeth had set forth on a mission. As usual, Elspeth is back with not very much info on what exactly she's suppose to do. The higher ups only give tidbits.

"Just relax, Elizabeth. Nothing's going to go wrong."

Yeah, I didn't believe that was going to happen, not even for a second. They both set out to fix a right that was wrong. Elizabeth and Elspeth against the world! I know, that sounded corny.

I absolutely loved this one. Elizabeth grew so much through out. In the Tex books I was ify about her but she grew on me. Then realized that she was a good person, just a little misunderstood.

The action is great. Loved how much Elspeth kicked ass. I wish this could be a movie or a TV show.

Stuart never disappoints. He's one of my favorite writers now. That's what I love about being a reviewer. You find these gems, that you never realized were there. So go buy it but also read the Tex books too. Those should be first :)

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