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Three Star Review: Master of Freedom: A Mountain Masters Novella (Mountain Masters & Dark Haven


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Publisher: Evil Eye Concepts Incorporated

Released: April 14, 2015

Genre: Erotica, Romance

Length: 232 Pages



Detective Atticus Ware gave up Idaho to start again in the California mountains, close to his imprisoned brother. Although he’s found good friends, the experienced Dominant wants more than the “do me” submissives flocking around him. He needs a woman to give her heart as well as her body. After Virginia Cunningham exhausts herself propping up a failing relationship, she accepts a social worker job far, far away in a California prison. Invited to observe BDSM classes on a wilderness camping trip, she’s shocked—her fiancé had insisted BDSM was a fabrication to sell books. But when Atticus lures her into participating, she learns submission under the hands of a powerful Dom is beyond anything she’d imagined. Nonetheless, she can’t permit a relationship—she’d just lose herself again. Finally, Atticus has found the woman he wants in his life. In his bed. In his cuffs. Only she keeps backing away. Well…if he has to help a little counselor get her head on straight, he’s just the Dom for the job.

Review by Sara:

Cherise Sinclair, is my favorite author and I have read everything she has published. So when I absolutely don't love something I almost feel like I am betraying her. However, I do need to be honest.

I didn't dislike Master of Freedom, but i didn't absolutely love it the way I have with almost everything else she has written.

I did like the rope scenes, it is like all of Cherise's BDSM scenes which are all extremely well written, erotic and sensual.

I think the problem I have is that a novella, even though this one was very long, isn't Cherise's forte. She needs an entire novel to accurately express the building of love and trust is a D/s relationship. Without that time, the love story falls a bit flat because it is too rushed. Again this story was good I just didn't fall in love.

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