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Five Star Review: Escaping Grace by J.Q. Davis


Kindle Unlimted Copy

Publisher: Self-Published

Released: March 7, 2015

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Horror

Length: 228 pages



**The Anticipated Sequel to the Award-Winning Novel, Turning Grace** “I could never get used to this empty feeling inside of me. I felt heartless…devoid of a soul. I felt like a monster.” It’s now safe to say that Grace Watkins is definitely not your typical teenage girl. In the span of just one night, she managed to get caught up in her very own horror movie. Although her hasty decisions led to some…horrifying consequences, Grace finally feels like she might have made the right choice. After finding out she isn’t the person she thought she was, Gracie’s journey of self-discovery continues. Only this time, she’s winging it alone. Without her overprotective mother or the ones she cares about, she agrees to accept (kind of) who she truly is and embarks on a whole new life in paradise…surrounded by others with similar “interests”. But just when she thought she has escaped all the lies, Grace finds herself in the middle of the most twisted one yet. How will Grace and her fellow Zombrids handle the hidden agenda that’s in store for them?

Review by Lissa:

Wow! What an amazing sequel to, Turning Grace.

It starts where the first one left off. Grace is off to the Island of Costa Rica. I had a feeling something was just off with the place from the get go. There is a new cast of characters in this story. It was really cool learning about them. Knowing why they were there.

Everlasting Paradise.. Yeah it sounds to good to be true.

The character growth was great. I really did like Number One bodyguard and he thought he was doing the right thing. That he was working for honest people. There are some surprise visitors in the mix.

It raises an interesting question, would you want to be immortal?

I like that we learn more about Grace's father as well.

Davis has a talent, the way she weaves the story together. It's an excellent series. I almost hope there will be a third. I wanna know what happens!!

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