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Three Star Review: Whisper of Crows by Jameson Hesse


Author Provided Copy

Publisher: iibooks

Released: September 1, 2012

Genre: Thriller, Suspense

Length: 358 Pages



Somebody smart once said, “That which is real, is that which never changes.”

I was just another sorry ass victim of a barbaric world where human beings are branded then labeled like dreaming herds of robotic cattle being subliminally led to the slaughterhouse to be gutted, packaged and sold to the highest bidder. On this planet you’ve either got it or you don’t, you’re the beater or the beaten. I’ve learned a valuable lesson this past year. I’ve learned that regardless of my frail and undesirable body I possessed a massive power that lay dormant inside this odd little boy.

A power fueled by something I could only imagine as the birthplace of darkness. It’s that black energy that numbs all pain and cultivates an unearthly confidence and a callus cool. This darkly hypnotic healing force picks you up, and gives you the wings of raw sensibility. I’m willing to bet that everyone possesses this haunting blackness obscured deep down in the darkest crevices of their souls waiting patiently for that one explosive, monumental instant of fertilization that awakens the monster within. I am Kanaan James, Kanaan with a K, and this is my story, this is my song.

Review by Lissa

Kaanan James has had it pretty rough. Being bullied at school. As well as being bullied by his own stepfather. As crazy as he may be, you feel bad for him and understand why he's doing all things he does.

This book was really creepy. But I couldn't help but want to know what happens. Hesse, is a fantastic writer.

The madness never stops in this story. What's real? What's all in his head? He's a master manipulator, so is he trying to manipulate the reader?

The ending was insane, I'm a little confused but it was good.

#Thriller #MYstery #WhisperofCrows #JamesonHesse

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