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Five Star Review: Elementally Priceless (A Rylee Adamson Novel) by Shannon Mayer


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Publisher: Hijinks Ink Publishing

Released: January 20, 2015

Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Length: 98 Pages



"My Name is Rylee, and I am a Tracker" This is the story of my first salvage, seeking out a missing child that my mentor has warned me away from. What I find is more than one child: I find my destiny. "They call me the Destroyer." I've been banished to the desert for years after saving a life I should have let the darkness take. But as an earth elemental, I couldn't turn from the pleas for help any more than I can turn from them this time. Except that this time, I have a Tracker to deal with. This is about to get interesting.

Review by Sara

So as I was reading, Rising Darkness book 9, in the Rylee Adamson series. We got to about 70% where they were searching for the Destroyer and I realized I missed reading this book! OMG!!! Horror I'm out of order!!! This seriously messes with my OCD when it comes to reading books! So you MUST read this book after Stitched book 8.5 and before book Rising Darkness book 9.

Why you ask? Well, in Elementally Priceless we are met with a 19 year old Rylee who hasn't started salvaging on her own and is still in training. She is compelled to go after a kid that she sees on a flyer.

There she meets up with Larkspur. Yes that Larkspur from Recurve!!! Oh holy goodness! Larkspur is the Destroyer needed for the final battle!!!

So basically we are at the beginning of Rylee's story and from what I can tell Larkspur goes on a rampage in her story!!! OMG I can't wait! I think that might be the only thing that will get me through knowing Rylee's story is ending at book 10. We have the awesomeness of Larkspur to look forward too.

Like all of Shannon's Rylee books it is totally awesome! You throw in the absolute badassness of Larkspur and you have a total girls kick ass book!

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