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Three Star Review: Earth 5 by Hustin Lindenhall


Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Florendia

Released: March 30, 2015

Genre: Young Adult, Coming of Age

Length: 271 pages



What would you do if you were sixteen and you came across someone in the woods that changed your perspective of life completely? Someone that made you realize what you thought was real wasn't actually reality. What I did was write about it, and it's all here in this book. I put all the original sketches in here too - over seventy illustrations by me, Tonya and Astol. Earth 5 is awesome. I hope you like it too. - Hustin

Review by Lissa:

This was a very interesting read. It follows Hustin who stumbles upon what he thinks is a boy. Who is Astol, from Earth 24. Tonya joins them as well. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific thing. Where it's explained because of the difference between Earth 5 and Earth 24.

Eventually, Astol has to leave and go back to Earth 24. Will he be back?

"The more questions I have the more interest I have coming back" - Astol

The author of this book has quite an imagination. This would be a perfect read for any young reader.

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