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Four Star Review: Bad Decision (Agent Juliet Book 1) by E.M. Smith


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Publisher: The River Pirate Alliance

Released: August 7, 2013

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense

Length: 49 pages



Jamie Kendrick is known for his colossally bad decisions—jacking a squad car and turning it over in a ditch, for example. But he’s going to show everyone. With some help from his brother—and a court-ordered ankle monitor—Jamie is going to get sober, join the army, and shake his white trash reputation. And he’s actually doing a decent job until someone frames him for the grisly murders of his brother's family. No one believes that Jamie is innocent. No one but a mysterious blonde with a gun. She gives Jamie a choice: spend the rest of his life in prison or help her take down the man who killed his brother and set him up. BAD DECISIONS is the first story in the AGENT JULIET series. Now you can get the full series for 40% off with the BAD OPS box set!

Review by Sara:

Bad Decision is a funny fast paced wild ride that I really enjoyed. Jamie AKA Juliet is smart mouthed, quick witted and extremely likeable.

This is a very quick read at only 49 pages and currently free on Kindle. I definitely plan on getting the box set BAD OPS which is only $2.99. I can't wait to see what else Agent Juliet gets into.

#BadDeicisons #EMSmith #Mystery #Thriller #Suspense

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