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Five Star Review: After Midnight by Georgianna Klippert


Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Self-Published

Released: December 26, 2014

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Length: 291 Pages



For months Raidy waited, trusting the experimental drug the doctors were so sure would help her father until they could find him a heart. It was supposed to work, it was supposed to save him, it was supposed to keep him with her…

In her anger and pain, Raidy blames Dr. Barker for her father’s death. And her resentment only grows stronger as she realizes that her mother’s relationship with the doctor is something more than a friendship. She feels lost, so far away from her home in Idaho. And to make matters worse, she will now have to spend her senior year in Southern California.

Raidy finds solace at the cemetery, where she feels a strange connection with a mysterious young man who lingers there. She also meets danger, when the leader of the local street gang becomes intent on harming her.

A poignant story about letting go of anger and fear, After Midnight explores Raidy’s romance with the peculiar Samuel as well as her friendship with fellow outsiders Carlos, an undocumented Mexican immigrant, and Marcy, who belongs to a Gypsy family, as she discovers that their similarities matter more than any differences that stand between them.

Review by Stormi:

This book started off great and was great throughout. I quickly fell in love with Raidy and Samuel and the quick friendship and powerful love that they have. This book gives the reader a story of loss, love, history, suspense, and friendship.

It is a powerfully emotional and amazing read for any age. I want to say thank you to Georgianna for the opportunity to read and review this book. I will be looking forward to more from this talented writer.

#YoungAdult #Paranormal #AfiterMidnight

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