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Three Star Review: December by Linda Oatman High

December Cover.jpg

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Evernight Teen

Released: April 23,2015

Genre: Young Adult, Bullying

Length: 170 Pages



~Editor's Pick~ Lake Millay has goals, hopes, and dreams...until she moves to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and becomes ensnared in a vortex of violence. Bullying and stalking become Lake’s life, and ultimately the destroyer of her dreams. A cautionary tale based on the true story of Laurie Show, murdered by three teens in 1991.

Review by Lissa

The first time I saw this book on Evernight, I couldn't stop looking at the cover. I had to read it! Then I got a message, like it was meant to be.

December, starts out with Lake Millay moving to another state, her senior year. She doesn't like it and honestly I don't think I would either. Her dad got a new job, so she has no choice but to follow along with him.

The day she moves in she meets Brit. A girl who is just not right. Lake is unsure of her and her boyfriend. But she really doesn't have any friends. Brit doesn't like one of their fellow students, for reasons she's assuming. You should never assume. I learned that in 7th grade.

This book is so mind numbing. Knowing that there's really people out there, who don't care about consequences. Lake could of made better choices. She could of stopped hanging out with them. It's a real tragedy what happens.

This book is based on a true story. I felt really sad for the family, that had to deal with this. I couldn't even imagine how it would be to lose my daughter.

It was a crazy but good read.

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