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Five Star Review: Tex and The God Squad by Stuart R. West


Kindle Unlimited Copy

Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

Released: December 11, 2013

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Length: 472 pages



Richard “Tex” McKenna's graduating high school. It’s a shame he doesn't have a clue what comes next. There's no time to think now, either. Being a male witch makes Tex a ginormous supernatural trouble magnet. There's an angry witch in pursuit and a maniac in a Grim Reaper's costume on the loose. Why did the cheerleader really kill herself? Is the heinous Clarendon Baptist Church a front for something more sinister? Elspeth’s back, too, trouble trailing on her booted heels. If Tex and his friends don't figure it out soon, Tex won't have to worry about life after high school.

Review by Lissa:

You know how when you open a book and you feel at home. That's how I feel about this series. Tex and friends are back for book three. It starts with a tragedy, that I can just guess that Tex will be a part of eventually.

There are a couple new characters in book three and like with every book, Stuart introduces this characters amazingly. There's just something about Stuart's writing. It's like if he wrote a book, I know that I'll already like it. There's only one other that has done that for me.

"Something bad is coming" he said. "Something bad. Only you can stop them, Tex McKenna. Soon you will be tested. Beware. Danger from more than one"


This Book is focused more on religion that can always be a touchy subject for some. I'm very open minded, so I was very interested where this book was going.

"Hell to the no. He gives me 'Douche-bumps'!" - gotta love Olivia

It seems there's a new church coming through, that seems like a cult. Being different is it automatic, go to hell. Though this is fiction. It was so real. It's hard to understand people who are that way. People are people and love is love.

I was so glad to have Elspeth back. I really enjoy her character. Her and Olivia together are perfect. I really really like Tex. He's such a good person and always does the right thing, no matter what.

Though I think he should listen to Mickey more.

I think this my favorite one of the Tex Series. Seriously, anyone can enjoy this.

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