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Five Star Review: 52 Likes by Medeia Sharif


Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Evernight Teen

Released: Janurary 16, 2015

Genre: Young Adult, Mystery & Thriller

Length: 172 pages



After a brutal rape and near-murder, Valerie wants to get past feelings of victimhood from both the assault and her history of being bullied. Not knowing the identity of her masked rapist and dealing with the nasty rumors about that night are two things that plague her daily. Valerie will have to follow ghostly entities, past victims of the rapist-murderer, contacting her through a social media site. Why do all of their eerie photos have 52 likes under them? Their messages are leading her to the mystery man, although he’ll put up a fight to remain hidden.

Review by Stormi:

First off, I want to say thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book. This book was an amazing read. Due to its content, it was hard to read, but it was a good one all the same. This book was written very well and had me sucked in from the very first page. This book brought to light so many truths to the topic of rape that really broke my heart.

Girls and guys alike, face this horrible thing all the time. It also brought to light the true harsh reality of bullying in school. Rape is not something to be joked about, especially when it is never something asked for.

I think this book is a very good read for adults and teens alike. Yes, its hard to read about this type of thing, but maybe a book like this will help some other girl or boy understand that they are not alone. Yes, this is a work of fiction, but the truth is there.

#52likes #YoungAdult #Mystery #Thriller

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