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Four Star Review: Falling For Alice by Dawn Dalton, Shari Green, Denise Jaden, Kitty Keswick, and Ca



Publisher: Vine Leaves Press

Released: April 24, 2015

Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Science Fiction Length: 110 pages



​New Alice. New Wonderland. New stories ​to love. From ​the modern Alice dumped in the Aquarian ​Age of the late sixties, to the ​present day Alice, tormented by body image and emotional issues, to the Alice of the future, launched forward through time and space, FALLING FOR ALICE offers five fresh takes on ​Lewis​ Carroll’s classic tale. For 150 years, people all over the world have fallen under Alice in Wonderland’s spell. ​Now, follow five Young Adult authors down the rabbit hole to discover Alice like you’ve never seen her before. One thing is certain—this is not your mother’s Alice.

Review by Sara

I was provided a copy of Falling for Alice in exchange for an honest review. I was thrilled at the offer of reviewing Falling for Alice. I am a huge Alice in Wonderland fan. I have read Through The Looking-Glass a few times and seen many adaptations of Alice on TV and movies. I think my two favorites are of course Disney's 1951 and a made for TV version from 1985. You also can't discount the 1933 rendition that has Cary Grant playing the Mock Turtle and Gary Cooper playing the White Knight. Drunk By Dawn Dalton

This story is on the darker side. Alice thirsts for emotions much like an emotional vampire. She can't control her thirst and gets "drunk" when she touches people skin to skin. This had a good message about putting past hurts away. White Rabbit By Denise Jaden

This was probably my favorite out of the bunch. Alice is in high school struggling with weight and body image issues. Her so called one and only friend drops her when she doesn't fit the "cool kids" bill anymore. Alice then looks for a quick solution to lose weight quick via a "diet drug". This story has a great message to love yourself for who you are and not care what other people think. Alice at Woodstock By Shari Green This was another story with a great message about staying true to your dreams. Alice gets sucked back in time and lands at Woodstock. It was funny to watch a modern teenager stumble through 1960 hippies. This story was one of the ones that reminded me most of the original plot line of Through The Looking-Glass

Wormhole to Wonderland By Kitty Keswick

This was probably my second favorite out of the bunch. Alice is the keeper of literature, for the human race since earth has been destroyed and she and 23 others are on a space shuttle heading to a new planet to start over. Since she has litterateur in her brain via computer download she is creative and doesn't follow protocol so she is "malfunctioning" according to her designers. So down the rabbit hole Alice goes. This story also follow the original plot of Through the Looking-Glass and just puts a new twist on it. Wonder in the Stars by Cady Vance

This was a self discovery story set in space. Alice is part of the first teen space mission. On the way she discovers, heartbreak, loneliness, courage, and what it is to live your dreams.

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