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Five Star Review: Skeleton Trail by Kasey Riley


Kindle Unlimited Copy

Publisher: Webb Lane Enterprises

Released: August 17, 2014

Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Mystery

Length: 299 pages



A long forgotten corpse… Discovered by Bethany and Megan, the mummified body, located in a National Forest; brings FBI forensic specialist David Harrison to Riverview. Bullets fly… Between bullets and a blizzard, Kam and David are forced to seek shelter and spend the night in an abandoned cabin where they discover evidence about the murder and another crime in Riverview. Mysteries and romance… As romance develops between the couple, they work to discover the connections. They find that crimes of the far distant past link to crimes of the recent past and even to crimes of the present. Soon the attempted assault against them leads to arson, extortion, blackmail, and finally an attempt on Kam’s life. Can David save her before it’s too late? Will the shared danger help them to build a lasting relationship, or will the secrets between them keep them apart? Riverview… This book, like the first Riverview mystery, Desperate Endurance, shows the values and cohesiveness of small town and rural America. People are willing to help each other and work to keep each other safe in a very rugged and unforgiving land.

Review by Stormi:

Kasey Riley has become a very great writer in my mind. This is the second book of hers that I have read and just like the first, I very much enjoyed it. To fully enjoy this book, I'd recommend for the reader to take the time and read Desperate Endurance which introduces many of the characters portrayed in Skeleton Trail and adds on to the story. Skeleton Trail itself was a great and elaborate story. It was filled with history, action, romance, and suspense. It was filled with great characters, each with their own touching story. It was all around a great book from the story to characters.That being said, I have to say that I absolutely loved this book and have become a big fan of Kasey Riley. I hope to have the opportunity to read and review more from such a great and promising writer.

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