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Three Star Review: The 13th Prophet (Short Story) by T. Lucas Earle


Kindle Unlimited Copy

Publisher: Self-Published

Released: July 8, 2013

Genre: Sci-Fi, Dystopia

Length: 20 pages



In this entertaining short story, T. Lucas blends classic noir and dystopian sci-fi, exposing the strange underbelly where conformity, fashion, and religion collide.

Review by Sara:

This is a murder mystery based in one of the strangest worlds I have ever read. The 12 prophets who are Desire, Defiance, Grace, Satisfaction, Solitude, Strength, Clarity, Courage, Care, Passion, Control and Bliss. They essentially create "fashion" aka a personality imprint. So everyone on the planet buys copies of these 12 "Prophets" or mixes of the prophets and imprints over their own personalities. Really quite frightening.

The only Luddite or non imprinted person left is Mulligan Burke and he has been hired to solve the case of Defiance's murder.

This was a very interesting world and the entire time I was reading the story I just wanted more. More detail. More time. Since this was a short story I knew I wasn't going to get that.

Although this Short Story was very entertaining, I felt confused most of the time and I feel I would have benefited more if the story was longer. More background on the Prophets and the world in general.

#Dystopia #Scifi #ShortStory #The13thProphet

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