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Four Star Review: The Gangster's Son (The Shig Sato Mysteries Book 1) by Joseph Mark Brewer


Kindle Unlimited Copy

Publisher: Self-Published

Released: January 2, 2014

Genre: Mystery, thriller, suspense

Length: 213 pages



Tokyo, 1991. Japan has a new emperor for a new age. Tokyo Police Inspector Shig Sato investigates the murder of a beautiful young jazz club waitress. Her boyfriend, an American Marine, is missing. The club owner is nowhere to be found. A prominent yakuza boss, Ses Fujimori, is involved. But Shig Sato is in debt to Fujimori for help in solving a case many years before. Sato faces the the biggest crisis of his career - will maintaining his family honor keep him from bringing a killer to justice? And on top of it all his beloved wife is dying. Review:

I typically don't read this type of novel but I found I really enjoyed it.

The Gangster's Son starts off as "a mystery who done it" centering around the murder of Kimi Yamada. The veteran inspector Shig Sato is on the case and quickly start working the clues. As the novel progresses we were given extensive background on inspector Shig Sato and we see he is not only a loving husband and an honorable man he is also a very dedicated police inspector.

The actual mystery of the case wasn't that difficult for the inspector to solve but, there is a bit of an unexpected twist at the end. This novel is building the world of the Shig Sato Mysteries. We meet the main characters and get insight on who they are. Are they friend vs foe, what roles they are going to play in Shig's world. I think it is a great start and I am very curious to see what comes next especially with Superintendent Tanaka gunning for Soto!

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