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Three Star Review: Mustard's Last Stand by Kathy McIntosh


Kindle Unlimited Copy

Publisher: Dogged Kat Press; 2 edition

Released: December 26, 2013 Genre: Humor, Suspense

Length: 287 pages


Synopsis: An African safari camp in North Idaho? Won’t happen, not if offbeat eco-activist Roadkill can convince his brother to drop the mustard jar bearing his ex-wife’s ashes and fight the fanatical developer of the canned hunt. Together they face the wannabe big game hunter, his wacky minions and his fake preacher-in-a-pocket, a con artist on the lam. Roadkill is an environmental activist, convinced the safari camp threatens the environment and eco-systems in the mountains outside Hancock, Idaho. When Roadkill disappears, his brother Ed Mustard, a struggling screenwriter, turns amateur detective and searches for him. Mustard, four determined pregnant women, one fired security clerk on the hunt for the tweaker who assaulted her, and assorted captive African wildlife, create havoc in the small mountain town of Hancock, Idaho. This humorous book, the first novel in the Havoc in Hancock humorous suspense series, blends mad-cap humor, odd-ball characters, light romance and suspense to make readers laugh as it nudges them to consider what we’re doing to our environment.

Review by Sara: First off you have to get past the cover of the book. Once you read the book it makes total sense but without that knowledge its awful. Don't judge a book by its cover.

I was pleasantly surprised with Mustard's Last Stand. I was worried at first with the amount of characters we were introduced to right from the start. However, despite the magnitude of characters in the book, the author pulled it off exceedingly well and I had great grasp of the main characters and their motivations.

This story was witty, fun and kept me guessing. I also found it very profound at times. I think my favorite line in the story was,"Never underestimate the lunacy of a man who thinks he's right." You also have a main character nicknamed Roadkill, what can go wrong?! I definitely recommend this story for a fun read.

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