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Four Star Review: Enchantress' Destiny: Paranormals of Arilase - Novella 2 by Beth Caudill


Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Moonlight Mountain Books

Released: March 12, 2015

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Short Story

Length: 85 pages



One dark curse, two elves and a destiny neither could escape. Disregarded by her betrothed, elven princess Clairessa Bellehaven analyzes spell books and dreams of finding someone to share her life. Betrayed by her unfaithful witch boyfriend, she convinces herself a single night with another elf will do no harm. Except the Goddess has a plan and Clairessa will have to fight to save the man who seized her heart and refused to let her go. Clan prince Rowe Calder arrived in Wildeloch to settle problems with his family's business. What he found was the one elf he'd spent his life avoiding. His bondmate. The woman destined to bring about his death. Now he must find a way to keep his family safe when the dark elf comes to claim his soul. Will a love long denied be strong enough to save them when darkness seeks retribution?

Review by Lissa:

Though a short read. I really did enjoy this novella. The story follows Claire an Elven Princess and Rowe a Prince. Claire has been trying to hide her heart, not wanting to get serious with anyone because of a contract already made. Rowe seemed to live the life of a bachelor. For his own reasons.

They quickly become entwined and Claire learns something that will change everything.

I believed they were destined for each other and their fate was going to be. If you love the fantasy world or short stories, this one I would recommend. Though this is book 2, you don't need to read the first one. They are different stories.

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