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Three Star Review: Resurrection (Shifter Chronicles Book 2) by Anita Cox


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Publisher: Syn Publishing

Released: April 1, 2015

Genre: PNR

Length: 166 pages

BUY IT NOW Synopsis:

Wendy Baker is a staple in the Belfast Lycan pack. She serves others, manages the house and events. So when Nala Baker, her sister-in-law and new Alpha of the pack, asks her to relocate to the new shifter university, she feels lost. How can she leave her pack behind? Zoltar, the Centaur King, has eyes for Wendy, but years of animosity between Lycans and Centaurs could mean Wendy’s excommunication if they’re discovered. As new Headmistress at McGovern University, Wendy struggles to find her place and considers Zoltar. He’s smart, sexy, and thoughtful. What will her brother think? But before they can enjoy their new relationship, a Pixie is murdered and the school falls under attack by a group that does not appreciate integration, the Separatists. Can Wendy overcome her fears and find true love? Can she defend her school and her new pack from the murderous revenge of the Separatists or will she lose everything?

Content Notes: Adult content suitable for mature audience only. M/F, violence (not for titillation), bondage

Review by Sara:

This isn't a stand alone novel you need to read Pursuing Grace and Saving Grace first. We met Wendy in Pursuing Grace and Zoltar in Saving Grace. I was really excited to read about the Centaurs especially after how they were described in Saving Grace. I found myself a bit disappointed with Resurrection. Zoltar wasn't quite the "Alpha seduction king" I was anticipating. He didn't live up to the "death by orgasm" that was claimed in Pursuing Grace. This series is following one big storyline just shifting to different characters. Since there is so much going on in Resurrection I never connected with Wendy or Zoltar the way I did with Grace. I like the direction the story as a whole is moving with the separatist vs the packs/herds, however, too much was left unresolved in Resurrection. It feels like Wendy and Zoltar's story isn't finished. The is a series I am still hooked on an eagerly awaiting No Quarter book 3

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