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Three Star Review: Following Chelsea by Shari Green


Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Evernight Teen

Released: October 17, 2014

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary Romance

Length: 159 pages



Walking in the footsteps of a dead girl isn't easy... After her social life flatlines, seventeen-year-old Anna Richards wants nothing more than to lie low at her new school. But it seems Anna looks an awful lot like Chelsea, the sweet and popular girl who recently died, and Anna finds herself stepping into the void created by Chelsea's absence. Anna is determined to make the awkward situation work in her favor, though, because Chelsea didn't just leave a spot open with the in-crowd; she also left a gorgeous--and now available--boyfriend. But it turns out that following Chelsea might be a lot more complicated than Anna expected.

Review by Lissa:

Ok, I'm not sure how I really feel about this book. Some parts I enjoyed. The others I was like huh? The story follows Anna who doesn't have the best home life at the moment. She also doesn't have the best school life.

Her parents are going through what will soon be divorce. Her mom who's having a hard time, decides let's move to a new town. Totally fresh start. Anna who isn't happy about that goes anyway.

I really started to feel that Anna may be a little crazy. Chelsea is a girl who died about 3 months before she gets there. She looks a lot like her, so everyone is freaked out. Anna decides to jump into Chelsea's place. Trying to be her, have her boyfriend and her friends.

This essentially backfires on her. Which I guess would be the moral of the story. Don't try to be anyone else, but yourself.

I was on the fence about Anna. I didn't really like her. She was very obnoxious and didn't care. As it ended I did like her a little more but not much. My favorite Character was Doran. He was the artist and the only one she really truly became friends with.

This was a shorter read. I was left questioning some things. But it was good.

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