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Three Star Review: Playing With Magic (The Elemental Trilogy Book 2) by Ellie Potts



Publisher: Self-Published

Released: March 30, 2015

Genre: Erotica, Romance, Fantasy

Length: 223 pages



Autumn is having new disturbing dreams. They have all left the mall, and have found a small town to live in. Life has mellowed out. Or so she thought. Autumn’s parents tell her a secret they have been holding since she was little. This one secret turns her world sideways. And then Rowan and River tell her they would like to go to Florida to see about their families. Turning her world upside down. With her secret out in the open. Autumn and Anatha discover they each have a twin, and are given the opportunity to go with them to Fontane, a magical town where they were raised. Autumn thinks by going along she can stop the dreams and protect her guys. Being with their brothers feel right, but Autumn longs for both her men while a handsome witch ignites Anatha’s passions. But Fontane is ran by elders and the stars, and the elders will do whatever they can to make sure the elements fulfill their chosen path. One thing after another goes wrong for all of them starting with a visit from a hellhound, a trip to jail, cannibals, sexy strangers, and a zombie cult. Will they survive to see their friends and families again? Or will Autumn’s dream come true?

Review by Lissa:

We are back again with #2 in the Series. Autumn and Anatha learn a new secret. It brings Autumn on another journey. She still loves River and Rowan. They have some steamy, insane encounters.

The others in the group decide to go on a different journey. They need to know how their family is back home. They encounter Some interesting different characters. In their world, an invite to dinner, is an invite to Cannibals.. Yeah eeekkk

As the witches grow stronger their not left without any losses. I can't wait to see what happens with the Third book.

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