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Four Star Review: Speed Trap by Joey Ledford


Kindle Unlimited Copy

Publisher: Self-Published

Released: December 3, 2014

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense

Length: 387 pages



SPEED TRAP is one good cop versus a whole town of bad cops. SPEED TRAP is set in 1959 in a small south Georgia town, a place you can't avoid on your long road trip to Florida, and you'd better hope you only get a ticket when you get pulled over. SPEED TRAP introduces Special Agent Cal Bocock, a handsome young investigator handpicked by the Governor of Georgia to bring down small town tyrant Earl "Boss" Griffin and his corrupt cops and gang of henchmen. SPEED TRAP features Fancy Fontaine, a beautiful and mysterious lady in black who initially enchants Bocock at the funeral of a murder victim. A veteran book editor calls SPEED TRAP a "suspenseful Southern gothic." A prolific author says Joey Ledford's "characters are vivid and powerful, and his plot is thoroughly believable and fast paced." Start reading SPEED TRAP tonight. You won't be able to stop.

Review by Lissa:

Though it did take me a bit to get into. Speed Trap, had a certain feel to it. It was like you were transported to 1959, in Astoria Georgia. All I gotta say is I wouldn't want to live there. The cast of characters were great. You hated the bad guys and the good guys were likeable.

Not only learning about Astoria but you were thrown into a world where people created ways to get to what they wanted, no matter the cost. I honestly have never heard of a speed trap before and I wonder if I have any in my town?

There was a lot of mystery going on in this story. It was really well done how it was all played out. I felt for Cal but he was such a brave soul.

#SpeedTrap #Thriller #Suspense #Mystery

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