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Two Star Review: Silver Haze by Pankaj Varma


Kindle Unlimited Copy

Category: Literary Fiction, Biographical



Diagnosed with dementia and possible Alzheimer’s, she faces the prospect of a steady decline in her mental functions. She starts writing down her story, writing down everything she knows while she still remembers it so that she can read it back when dementia makes her forget it all. She is elated that dementia cannot rob her of memories now because she has it all written down. It is a major victory for her as she tries to combat the onslaught of her disease. Her story has been re-written by her son to present this touching narrative straight from the heart. This fascinating and intriguing story spans a major part of the 20th century in North India and depicts the hurdles faced by an educated girl before and after marriage. It gives an unusual insight into India-that-was, reflecting the social mores of that time. A must read for everyone connected with India and for anyone who has a loved one suffering from dementia.

Review by Stormi:

I really wanted to enjoy this book and reading the Forward section and the Prologue section had me very interested. I quickly lost interest though. It told the story of a young woman from her childhood to her later married years and into the point of where she develops dementia. The story itself is solid, but it was a bit jumbled. There was so many characters in and out that I got confused because all the names were so similar. I had no idea who was who half the time and so it made it hard to follow the story. So I have to give this one 2 stars simply because it just wasn't an easy read for me.

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