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Three Star Review: Summer of Fear by Chris McGarry


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Category: Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense



June 2013. As New York City suffers under a blistering early summer heat wave, a wily fanatic who believes he is taking commands from God targets abortion doctors. Det. Antonio Guardini, a 20-year veteran of the NYPD, committed family man, devout Catholic and prolife activist, finds himself in a moral dilemma when he is assigned to a task force whose job is to investigate the murders and find the killer. Guardini and the six other detectives in the task force find themselves up against a cunning executioner who leaves not even the slightest piece of evidence behind. Although he doesn't sympathize with the victims, Guardini knows that what the killer, dubbed the "Abortion Avenger" by the press, is doing is wrong and he must be stopped at all costs. With most of his days and nights devoted to bringing the Abortion Avenger to justice, Guardini's family life begins to suffer. The sweltering summer trudges on and the bodies pile up. All the while Guardini is closer to the Abortion Avenger than he ever could have imagined.

Review by Stormi

I was asked to review this book and I would like to say thank you. The main reason i gave this book 3 stars is because it is in bad need of an editor. There is a lot of grammar issues as well as spelling mistakes. One of the biggest issues that bothered me about this book was the breaks in setting. In one sentence your with one character and in the next sentence you're with a completely different character across town. Usually when this occurs in books there is some kind of page break or symbol to indicate this. I got lost a few times because of it. As for the story, it was good. It had a strong set of characters and a good bit of mystery and intrigue. It kept me interested and looking for what was coming next. I can say that I was shocked by who was the killer and how the story ended. So, despite the editing issues the story was a good read that I would recommend.

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