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Five Star Review: Andrea and The 5-Day Challenge by Cindy K. Green



Category: Christian, Contemporary, Young Adult



Dear Lord, I need Your help and sooner would be better than later. Wouldn't you know it, just as soon as I decide to attempt the 5-Day Bible Study Challenge, my parents start heaping on loads of pressure to get me into Julliard. My friend Amy isn’t any better, urging me to ask Luke Ryan to homecoming. As if the cute, transfer jock would actually go out with me. I mean, we’re kinda friends, and I’ve enjoyed our Geometry study sessions, but in case Amy hasn’t noticed, I’m the invisible one at Aubrey Christian Academy, and I like it that way. On top of that, I have a feeling Luke’s concealing something behind those chocolate-brown eyes of his. I know I can be self-centered and a bit melodramatic, but I really do want to seek Your will for my life. Then maybe I’ll even figure out which direction points up. Sincerely, Andrea Jamison High School Junior Change-o-phobic & complete neurotic

Review by Stormi:

I was provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I absolutely fell in love with Andrea. She reminds me so much of me. I was just like her when I was in school and even still now in some aspects. This book was an easy read and one that I think any young girl would love. I mean, I'm 25 and I really enjoyed it and so what does that say ;) I was so wrapped up in the story that I was able to sit down and read it in one sitting. I think this book and possibly future books have a great chance of becoming big and greatly loved by girls of all ages. The message it presents is very real and inspirational.

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