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Three Star Review: Forget Me Not by J.G. Sweets


Kindle Unlimited Copy

Category: Women's Fiction



Three months ago, Alanna Graves was the happiest woman in the world. She had a husband who loved her beyond reason, a bright future and a life that many would envy… until the night her world was rocked to its core. Her husband, Raymond was in a horrible car accident that put him into a coma. For weeks she practically lived at the hospital, never leaving his side, praying to any god that would hear her cries to return him to her safe and sound. Never did she think of having to add for him to remember her… Raymond couldn’t believe that he had been asleep for so long nor the crazy woman who was claiming to be his wife. She had a beautiful face but just wasn’t his type. If it weren’t for the insistence from his family, he would never have gone home with her. Days turn into months as Alanna tries to make things work. Months turn into a full year before she finally had had enough of Raymond’s controlling ways and coldness towards her. Preparing to leave him, a proposition is given that the couple should try one more time; a week away from any and everyone to rekindle the love that once was. However, there are those from their past and present that wish to take advantage of their vulnerability.

Review by Stormi: Let me start off by saying this book needs an editor. It had no paragraph breaks and no signs of a new paragraph. It was literally a full book with no spaces between paragraphs, thought, or talking. Many places throughout the book there are words misspelled and words missing. The grammatical issues are just about on every page. As the book went on these issues got worse. These editing issues are the reason why it was not given 5 stars. As for the actual story, it was very good. It had a solid storyline and I quickly got swept into it. I was completely engrossed and did not want to put it down. But honestly, what was that ending? Is this supposed to be a series of books? The ending was just NOT what I was expecting at all.

This book has the potential to be very good IF its edited and IF someone can tell me that that wasn't the end to the Raymond and Alanna story.

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