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Four Star Review: The Place We Went To Yesterday by Lisa Mauro


Kindle Unlimited Copy

Category: Young Adult, Contemporary Fiction



Surrounded by abject poverty in Manhattan's housing projects, Ella Santia is abused and manipulated by her family until she is placed into foster care. When that experience also sours, she makes the decision to move into a group home. On her walks along the High Line with fellow resident Lara, she begins to open herself up to new experiences. When things come to a head at the group home, Ella realizes that it is time for her to fend for herself. The Place We Went to Yesterday chronicles Ella's journey from passive punching bag to assertive young woman.

Review By Stormi:

This was a good story. From beginning to end it follows Ella and her life in a group home. It goes through all her pain and suffering, both mentally and physically. It really made my heart break because while this was a work of fiction, I know that their is some deep seeded truth in it all. I gave this book 4 stars because the book was great, but it just seemed to end. I mean what happened to her? Give me an epilogue or something! Overall, the book was good but the ending could have given me something more, because now I'm sitting here worried about a book character and wondering what happened? Where did she go? How did her life end up? Lisa Mauro, I just want to say thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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