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Three Star Review: After by Samantha Gregory


Author Provided Copy

Category: Young Adult, Dystopian, Horror



The dead walked. The world fell apart. But what happened after? Jenna Deluise is just trying to survive in this broken world, but after her father's apparent suicide she discovers that she didn't really know him at all. How was he connected to the zombies? Why is his former boss so sure he is alive? What else was he hiding?

Review by Lissa

I'm a huge Zombie fan, so when this book came our way. I snatched it up. I would like to say that I did really like the story. The idea of how the Zombies came to be and the real identity of Jenna. Which was really intriguing.

The characters were done well, but I think I would of liked to get to know them more. Only real issue was the choice of words used in some of the book and the misspellings. It did end abruptly, I think it could of kept going and could of been just one book.

There is more to this story, I think all in all its an easy read and good for it's genre.

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