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Three Star Review: Silverdream & Bloodfire (The Chronicles of Elydir by Brenda Wrynn


Kindle Unlimited Copy Category: Fantasy, YA



When Amanda Jennings, a wheelchair-bound college student, moves into an old house to search for clues about the eccentric Dr. James Harcort, she finds journals left behind by the mysterious doctor. As the journals are translated, Amanda discovers several magical spells and rituals, and decides to try one of them out, called the Silverdream Ritual. Unbeknownst to her, at the same time, in another world, Prince Kelvan of Serras begins the Bloodfire Ritual. To their surprise and terror, they crisscross through time and space, finding themselves in each others’ worlds. In Amanda’s case, she not only finds that she can walk, but that the inhabitants of Elydir believe she is The Coritus, the person who will save them from the evil Emperor Aton. In her old world, Prince Kelvan finds himself unable to walk, and a captive of a man with delusions of grandeur named Professor Michael Stevenson. Amanda, now known as Amen-Jen, is tasked with the epic quest of ridding Elydir of Aton and his half elf, half human witch named Hagah. Assisting her is Prince Kelvan’s pet red dragon, Eliazon. Amanda’s success or failure is a two-edged sword. If she fails, she will die, leaving Kelvan crippled and trapped in an alien land. If she succeeds and is able to return to her own world, she will go back to living her hum-drum life in a wheelchair.

Review by Sara:

Silverdream & Bloodfire has the potential to be a great YA fantasy novel. As it stands now it is in desperate need of a good editor. I found myself editing the book as I read it. It is extremely wordy and there are many times the paragraphs don't have a cohesive flow. Second point on contention Amanda's name change to Amen-Jen, I understood the populous of Elydir calling her that name once Kantis decreed it, however, what I don't understand was why Amanda then referred to herself as that and also the Author started calling her Amen-Jen instead of Amanda. I also didn't feel enough time was spent on seeing Amanda's powers and what made her the Coritus. Her powers were displayed a little at the end but I was left wondering what made her so special? I also felt that the final battle was a bit rushed and more could have been put into it, again a greater display of what Amanda's powers actually are. This was and enjoyable read overall, I liked the world and the characters a great deal. That said, if I had purchased this without being asked to review it I would have returned it and not given the book a chance do to the current editing issues. Also, the first part of the book didn't format correctly to Kindle.

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