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Five Star Review: The Shroud by David Moore


Kindle Unlimited Copy

Category: Horror, Thriller, Suspense



We have the technology to clone human beings. But do we have the right? We have the ability to play God. But what if we could clone God? We can... And already did. An ancient prophecy predicts a dire future as past and present intertwine into a deadly dance of power with mankind as the ultimate pawn.

Review by Stormi:

Let me start off with the fact that this book is a great book. It was written very well and it had a great storyline. From beginning to end it had me sucked in. It was scary and really made me think. I grew up in the south and so that means I grew up in the church. I know this is a work of fiction, but it still made me think. What if? I would recommend this book but its not a light read. Be warned!

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