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Two Star Review: A Snapshot In Time by C. D. Sterner


Kindle Unlimited Copy

Category: Contemporary Romance



“A Snapshot in Time” is a riveting May/September love story that blurs the lines between Romantica and Erotica. Ronald Anderson, 39 year old art professor, is the quintessential “SIR”, structured, orderly, and in control of his own life and surroundings, save for the dark pain that haunts him after the untimely death of his wife. Allie, a 23-year-old student suffers her own deep pain after the death of her father ten years earlier in Iraq, and is an impetuous, impulsive but naïve young woman on her own for the first time in her life. Their chance meeting leads to a growing friendship, and as the two cling to each other, a love and passion develops that neither can ignore or deny. Overcoming their own generational differences, the taboo nature of the age difference in their romance, and the resistance each from their own family, they bring healing to each other in a way that warms the heart. If you are looking for an erotic book with all the elements of true romance, yet with a realistic plot, this is the book for you.

Review by Sara:

I really wanted to like this book! I did! For one, it's not an Erotica, at all! Maybe 20-30 years ago it could have been, but compared to today's Erotica this isn't it. I have close to 400 Erotica titles under my belt along with hundreds of very steamy romances. I would say this book is a College age Contemporary Romance. I was excited to read a Erotica/Romantica from a mans point of few. However what I got was a male author trying to step into the mind of a very naive girl and it just came off WRONG, for no better word. I found myself wondering from the beginning why it wasn't writing in the males point of view? As a male author he would had a unique perspective. A Snapshot in Time is suppose to be a present day story but they way the male was written I got the impression he was in his 60s or 70s not 39. Also Allie was written so naive that she came across ass a teenager maybe 14-16. Not a 23 year old woman. Who this day and age would not be quite so naive especially about her own BODY, at 23! I think this is do to the possible semi auto-biographical nature of the story? I think possibly if the story had been set in the past their behavior might have been a little more understandable and not so off putting. The story moved incredibly slow we spent a lot of time, doing laundry and dishes and other inane things that just took up space and made the story boring. Allie and Ron didn't Kiss unit 40%! I appreciate that this is a personal story and I feel bad that I didn't love it. I didn't hate it. The were some sweet moments and some quite profound moments. I especially like the part were Allie's mom told her " I don't think we choose love, but rather love chooses for us." So I am giving it a star rating of two. It was OK. It could of been better.

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