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Five Stars Review SLAM: A Psionics Novella by Tash McAdam


Author Provided Copy

Category: Young Adult, Dystopian, Science Fiction



Telepaths, torture, mindwipes ... the Institute has it all, and they use each of their brainwashed children as weapons, the way they see fit. To control society, repress its people. To make certain that they stay in power, no matter the cost. Serena’s baby brother Damon is one of those children, and these days he’s so altered that he doesn’t even recognize her. When it comes to getting Damon away from those who kidnapped him, there's nothing Serena won't do. Even if she has to kill him to save him. First, though, she must prove to her father that she has what it takes to be a soldier against the insidious threat of the Institute. Her first mission has to be perfect. But with inaccurate intelligence, unexpected storms, and Gav Belias, people’s hero of the Watch, on the prowl, will she even survive? If she doesn't succeed, they'll never let her go after her brother. And that would be unthinkable, when it was her fault that he was taken in the first place. Review by Stormi:

For a starting book this one was great. I understand its a prequel to more and Im so happy about this fact. From beginning to end it kept me enthralled. It was well written, had a great set of characters, and had a great storyline. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to read and review this book. I am looking forward to the others to come because I really want to know whats happens with Damon.

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