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Five Star Review: Languish by B.E. McLaughli


Kindle Unlimited Copy

Category: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense



Known. The Clef family was a happy non-conventional unit. Known. Chandra's past family life was something that left her and her daughter on their own to find a new home. Known. Once her daughter is taken, Chandra takes control and decisions into her own hands. Who took Cressida Clef? Unknown. When Cressida is kidnapped from her school, her parents go mad with grief and desperation to find their daughter. Luckily—as some believe, for the Clef's—one mother's celebrity status allows her tight-knit connections to the media. But as Chandra tries to fight off her wife's social explosion, her no nonsense attitude quickly turns to rage and fear when she realizes that the kidnapper is closer to her than she first expected. Watching as everything starts to unravel before her eyes, Chandra risks the physical, mental, and social standing that she has to find her only daughter, her lifeline to the world. The lengths that one woman goes to protect her daughter test the bounds of a mother’s love and strength of mind.

Let me start this off by saying I don't LOVE this book. This isn't a book that I could love. However, Languish has burned its way on to my psyche much the same way anything will that is horrifically honest and graphic in the brutality of human nature at its worst. This isn't the genre that I read so I have no basis for comparison but I was asked to review this book and by B.E. McLaughlin and want to thank her for the request.

Review by Sara:

Languish is masterfully written and I was engrossed from the start. So much so that I completed the book in one day. Despite the fact that I had to stop and walk away quite of few times do the horrifying events that were taking place that were actually turning my stomach. You may wonder, Why is it a 5 Star review? Well, because Languish could horrify me to the point where it turned my stomach and I had to walk away. This is not an emotionally easy read. However, Languish is exceptionally well written and painstakingly thought out to its twist of a conclusion. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading this Genre!

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