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Four Star Review: Istobarra Commencement by Stephen Christiansen


Author Provided Copy

Category: Fantasy, Adventure



Medri Jabbress Olis'inth, a female dark elf necromancer, finds herself ensnared in a web of intrigue and conspiracies. In her journey through the underworld she uncovers more and more of a grand plot while discovering more about herself and where she fits in with her new life. Yasrae Do'tlar retains the blasphemous secret of his house. His only hope in keeping his house and his life alive is in the trust of a battle captive. Valas Velkyn, leader of the House of acquisitions from the city of Malzebowan, has found that one of his most trusted contacts has been assassinated. His investigation leads to a discovery of grand propotions, the likes of which can only lead to war. Enter a world of plots, lies, deception, and murder. This book launches the epic adventures of the Orbbelgguren series.

I want to start off by saying thank you to Stephen Christiansen for the chance at reading and reviewing this book. I will be honest and say that I have never read books in this genre before so I have nothing to compare this book too.

Review by Stormi:

I felt that this book was a good read. It was filled with colorful characters and a good storyline. I love Medri and all the battles and mishaps that she goes through. I also love her show of compassion to some creatures in the book. The ending leaves it wide open for a sequel and makes you want to have that next book right on hand. This book is filled with fantasy, magic, and action. I have always been big on magic and so I enjoyed this aspect. I give this book four stars simply because it wasnt my normal read, but overall, it was an interesting book. Anyone who normally reads fantasy will very much enjoy.

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