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Four Star Review: Chronicles of The Nocturnal Forest by Vanessa Kings


Kindle Unlimited Copy

Category: Childrens



Melanie is living an ordinary, boring life when one night she is transported in her dreams to the Kingdom of Astebeth. Night after night, the fairy of her dreams will tell her the stories of the inhabitants of the Kingdom, its town, and the magical Nocturnal Forest nearby. A forest full of magical creatures where the impossible can happen. Soon, she comes to suspect that her dreams may not only be dreams after all. Follow her on her incredible journeys that will take her to magical places and beyond Earth itself to discover the magical secret of the Nocturnal Forest in the first part of The Fairy of my Dreams trilogy.

Review by Lissa:

I genuinely enjoyed this book. I could see myself reading my daughter this story before bed and also enjoying it just for myself. The story starts with Melanie, who would rather be in a world of fairies and magic, then in the actual world. Which I could relate, I mean who wouldn’t want to? I went through what felt like this Journey to find out why Melanie was having these dreams. Which became even more real for her. I enjoyed the illustrations, it brought a lot more to the story. The world that this author envisioned and created, were magical. The fairy-tale genre is fairly new to me. But it’s something that I may look into more.

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