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Three Star Review: Kicking and Screaming by Jordan Silver


Kindle Unlimited Copy

Catagory: Contempory Romance



Maxie Dove is the headstrong daughter of a once wealthy family, who has seen better days. She doesn't suffer fools easily, and so when the highly esteemed future brother in law of her older sister comes to visit, she is not at all impressed with his good looks, nor his bank account. While the other females in the family fawn over and fall over backwards to please the handsome Jackson Collins, Maxie has made it her life's mission to thwart him at every turn. Fireworks aren't the only things that ignite once this Texan decides to take charge of the little hellion.

This was a fun read. Take a very spunky yet vulnerable Maxie Dove who uses sarcasm and sharp tongue to cover her soft heart. Next add a very rich, handsome and uber Alpha male Jackson Collins sparks will fly!

Review by Sara: This reminded me a bit of a modern day Cinderella Story. Including evil sisters and mother! The main issue I had, was how Jackson took Maxie's virginity. She was asleep! Consent much! In my mind I was thinking. "In what world is that not rape?" So other than that glitch I really enjoyed the rest of the book. I was right there with Maxie through her ups and down with both Jackson and her family. I was thrilled in the end she got the HAE she deserved. This is the first book I read from this author but I enjoyed it and will be looking into more.

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