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Four Star Review: The Fae Chronicles: Seducing Destiny (Book #4) by Amelia Hutchins


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Catagory: Erotica, UF, Paranormal Romance,



Less than six months ago my life was twisted and flipped on its side. Things have changed so much I barely recognize myself anymore. I am no longer an Enforcer. I am no longer a Witch. I no longer hate the Fae. (For the most part) And the sex-on-a-stick-gorgeous-Fae? He isn't really the Dark Prince. No, he is the father of my children and with the babies on the way, the land dying and the Mages closing in; alliances will have to be formed if we are all to make it through the war that is coming to our front door. Between warring Gods and Goddesses, how are any of us supposed to win? The Fae Chronicles reading order is as follows. Fighting Destiny Taunting Destiny Escaping Destiny Seducing Destiny

Review by Sara:

This is the fourth installment in the Fae Chronicles and you absolutely have to read these books in order or you will be lost. So if you haven't read the series the first book is Fighting Destiny start there. I have been invested in Syn and Ryder from the very first book. In Seducing Destiny, Mrs. Hutchins had me in tears the first few chapters and ready the throw my Kindle across the room. I pushed on and was rewarded by these two Characters growing in ways I never imagined and it was brilliant! I do feel that will all the introduction of secondary characters we may see the next few books revolve around what has previously been secondary characters. I am looking forward to Ristan getting more of a story! Can't wait to see what we get next!

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